Pull the Udder One, You’re How Old?

What a stressful weekend — and we found out the hard way that stress can have an adverse effect on dogs too.  About two weeks ago we found an abandoned kitten in our backyard, and it had a cold.  We started feeding it and even got antibiotics from the vet to give it.  We also started contacting every cat rescue organization in our area and always got the same answer — they could not take in any more cats.

Yesterday around noon we took Fifi, our 10 year old rescue Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix, outside.  She does not like cats but we thought she had been tolerating the kitten being in the yard.  The kitten was becoming tame and yesterday it came up to Fifi and started wrapping itself around her.  I could instantly see that Fifi was stressing out.

We knew something was amiss because Fifi had been having some digestive issues.  Seeing her reaction to the cat, I was sure it was coming from stress.  After that incident, Fifi refused to go back in the backyard.  She would only go out in the front yard, which requires us taking her out on a leash.

When it came time for Fifi to eat, she did not finish her dinner.  We started keeping a close eye on her.  About an hour later she threw up.  Around 1 a.m. we knew something was seriously wrong so we took her to an emergency animal clinic.  Fifi had intestinal bleeding and a temperature of 105 (normal for dogs can be up to 102).   They started her on an IV, antibiotics and gave her some medication for her stomach.

The dr. said it is not uncommon for small dogs to get so stressed out that it causes intestinal bleeding.  We were able to talk to our regular vet today (even though it is Sunday) and she suggested we have the cat out of the yard when Fifi comes home.  We are hoping we get to bring her home around 7 p.m. tonight.

Luckily the animal shelter is open today and we planned on loading up the poor kitten and taking it in.  Steve called a rescue lady that he had talked with yesterday (before Fifi got so bad) and when she found out we were taking it to a shelter she came over and picked up the kitten.

So the kitten stressor is gone and we hope Fifi will come home and be able to recover completely.  I will be taking her to see her own vet tomorrow and hopefully gain some insight to keep this from happening again.  This has been such a huge ordeal on the whole family — we were trying so hard to find the kitten a home.  I had no idea we were harming our dog in the process.  I so wish everyone would spay and neuter their pets.

OK, now on to my card.  I was able to put this together but wasn’t sure I would get it posted in time for the challenge I am entering it in.  Luckily I made it with a few hours to spare.

I made this birthday card for the On the Farm Challenge at Bitten by the Bug 2, which requires you to use any farm animal cut from any Cricut cartridge.  I selected the girl milking the cow from the Country Life cartridge.   My main reason for choosing this cut was that I had a sentiment stamp that I thought would be perfect with it.  The sentiment is from a set by Elzybell, who sadly is no longer making them.

I printed the checked background paper on my Imagine, using the Best Friends cartridge.  The fence and sun are from Pooh & Friends.  I printed the wood design on the fence, again with my Imagine, using the Snapshot: Nature cartridge. The girl milking the cow and the sunflowers are from the Country Life cartridge.  The thought balloon with the sentiment is from Cuttin’ Up.  All cuts, with the exception of those printed on the Imagine, were made using scrap cardstock. The girl and cow, sentiment and the flowers are popped up using foam dots.

And to show I learned something from this challenge, let me tell you about my cow.  She is a Brown Swiss.  The breed originated in the mountains of northeast Switzerland and was declared a dairy breed in the United States in 1906.  I’m not sure that the dark brown marking on her back is accurate, but if not then my Brown Swiss has a dark chocolate beauty mark on her.

After seeing the card assembled, it makes me wonder if there are many women working around cows who wear pink boots!  Well, my milk maid likes her stylish pink boots.

For the inside of the card, I printed another square of checked paper on my Imagine and added some sunflowers to the lower corner.

  • Cricut cartridges:  Best Friends (Imagine), Country Life, Cuttin’ Up, Pooh & Friends, Snapshot: Nature (Imagine)
  • Elzybells stamps


  1. Oh my! What stories you have. So sorry the poor kitty caused such trauma to your beloved dog. I’m a cat girl myself, so I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your compassion. I’m hoping Fifi recovers quickly and is none the worse for wear after her ordeal. And as for your card, too fabulous for words! You’ve really captured the heart of our farm challenge and it’s just beautiful both inside and out. Thanks so much for sharing with BBTB2. xxD

  2. Awwwww,,This is a super sweet card and the saying is funny..Thanks fo joining us at BBTB2…Krista

  3. hope your doggy is ok and hopefully kitty will find a new home too.
    your card is cute i like the pink boots 🙂 thanks for sharing with us at bbtb2 🙂

  4. such a cute card, hope kitty finds a home, thanks for joining us at BBTB2, hugs

  5. What a weekend you had. Poor puppy. I hope both are doing well. Your card is terrific. Perfect for this challenge. She’s such a pretty cow. Thanks for joining us at BBTB2. Stephanie

  6. I absolutely love everything about your card-from the Imagine printed background paper to the hilarious sentment that made me laugh out loud. Well designed. Thanks for playing at BBTB2. I hope that life gets back to normal and Fifi recovers quickly. If our pets aren’t happy we’re not happy.

  7. Oh my I’m so sorry that the abandon kitten caused so much stress for your pup! Stress is so bad for humans and animals alike. I’m glad that you were able to find someone to take the kitten and I hope that your pup makes a full recovery and doesn’t have to be stressed out like that again. Our beloved pets mean the world to us and I’m happy yours has a happy ending. I wish too that people would take care of their animals and not dump them, but spay and neuter them instead. We get many kittens dropped off in our area as well. Sad, so sad that people do this. Now your card, OMGosh it is adorable! I am so loving your gal with her stylish pink boots! I so want them boots to wear around on our farm. lol I also love your papers your printed, they look fabulous, love the sun and the fence, the flowers are great! But I love, love that you learned a little about your cows! lol We don’t have dairy cows but steers instead. I can tell you that I love the Brown Swiss cows though! Thanks for joining us at BBTB2 😉

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